How to Select the Best Stand Mixer

How to Select the Best Stand Mixer

In this article we’re going to talk about how to choose the best stand mixer and how to find the best prices. There is no one best stand mixer brand. In fact, there are hundreds of different brands with many more models than manufacturers. In this article I will talk about my recommendations for the best stand mixers for each category. Hopefully by the time you’re done reading this article you’ll have a better idea of what your ideal stand mixer should be.

If you prefer to bake using a large bowl, such as a bake-even rack or a heavy ceramic bowl, then you want to choose a stand mixer with large capacity. My recommended best stand mixer for weight loss and baking is the Cuisinart Spacematic Series II with the two loaf capacity. This kitchen tool is made for speed and convenience. The spacious bowl means that you can use two loaves for baking breads and two loaves for making cakes. The Cuisinart Spacematic II is a durable and inexpensive option for a quality product that will last you for many years.

Many new kitchens have limited counter space and a traditional or commercial oven just doesn’t fit well with many modern kitchens. For those of us with smaller kitchens, however, a quality commercial oven just isn’t big enough. For these kitchens the best stand mixers, I would recommend are the KitchenAid Artisan Series I with its two quart size and five-quart capacity. For heavy baking a larger capacity is definitely needed. For under two hundred dollars you can buy the popular KitchenAid Craft Series II which is extremely versatile for most kitchens and even has a large capacity to add capacity.

The Kenwood Artisan III with its three-quart capacity is another exceptional choice if you are looking for a larger capacity KitchenAid stand mixer with more flexibility. The Kenwood also comes in a larger style than the Series I offer at over three litres. With a three-quart capacity it will certainly fit in smaller kitchens, while the larger capacity will be perfect for the larger kitchens with more space needs. The Kenwood is one of the best mixers on the market and it certainly is a good investment for anyone looking for a solid, durable choice.

Once you have decided on the size and capacity that suits your needs the next step is choosing what kind of attachments you are going to use with your stand mixer. While the majority of mixers come with the standard paddle attachment, you may want to consider other attachments that are available such as the Food Processor attachments. With the Food Processor attachment your food will be cut into mini-birds, which can then be added to a variety of soups, stews and other dishes. These machines also make great pizza dough. The attachments that are available mean that you get the maximum flexibility and you can also prepare meatballs, lasagna and other dishes with ease.

The main feature that many people focus on when they purchase a stand mixer is the speed settings. The faster the speed the faster you will finish cooking or baking. However, there are also cons to purchasing a faster bowl because the food may not be cooked evenly or it could end up with excess moisture in the bowl. This can lead to soggy pasta or a dry crust on cakes.

Other important factors to consider are the number of attachments and the specific needs that you have with your stand mixer. The more attachments you have the tougher it will be to bake tough does and the more difficult it will be to beat egg whites. If you don’t want to use the whip, then you won’t be able to create tough doughs and you will find beating egg whites a tough task. If you only want to use one or two of the attachments, then it will be less difficult and you will be able to use the whip more effectively.

There are other features that you will want to look for when you buy a mixer, such as a beater hook for hard frozen foods, a whisk or a dough hook. For tough doughs, you may prefer to use the beater hook because you can beat the butter into the flour. When you shop for a good mixer, look for a stainless steel mixing bowl with a lot of attachments and a tough dough hook that will last for years.

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