How to clean a Pour Over Coffee Maker?

When cleaning a Bunn coffee maker, you must be careful that the machine’s outside is left with an impeccable finish. The spray head tube and water tank can suffer from mineral build-up, which affects coffee brewing. This slows down the filtering process.

Bunn coffee makers happily come with a spatial device that allows you to dispense with any material residue on the sprayer head quickly. The only thing you need to clean the water tank is white vinegar and for the outside only soap.How to clean a Bunn pour over coffee maker

To clean it, it is recommended that the coffee machine be unplugged to avoid electric shock risks and that it has been turned off for two hours to avoid burning yourself. Remove the brew funnel and carafe from the machine and, at the same time, unscrew the spray head.

That head is a dome-shaped piece of plastic material that sits on top of the brew funnel. Unscrewing it will expose the sprinkler head that is responsible for transporting the water from the tank. Then insert the Bunn descaler into the head tube around it until it sticks out just 2 inches.

Slide and rotate the descaling device to remove mineral residue by visually checking for mineral residue. If any evidence remains, you can remove them with the tip of the device or a toothpick. Then screw the sprinkler head back on until it fully engages the water tank.

To clean the tank inside

Once the interior of the sprinkler head tube is cleaned, it is time to clean the water tank inside. For this, it is advisable to operate the best affordable pour over coffee maker. Install the pitcher and funnel back into the machine, and then add white vinegar and water solution in a 1: 2 ratio to the water tank.

Activate the brew cycle and let it run completely. This way, the vinegar will help to exterminate the mineral deposits in the water tank completely. When the cycle is complete, you must discard the water in the jug. Repeat the cycle with fresh water until the vinegar stench is gone.

When you feel the machine is completely clean, discard the water and wait for the machine to cool down, and replace the spray head. To clean the exterior, do it with soap and water using a scrubbing sponge as when washing a dish.

Cleaning your coffee machine is essential to obtain excellent quality coffee with its characteristic flavor and aroma. Also, the durability of the machine will be greatly affected if proper hygiene is not performed.

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