Digital Finance Training for Better Knowledge

Digital Finance Learning is a comprehensive E-learning Platform, which provides a series of modules which focus on automation, visualization, data analysis, E-business, cloud computing and machine learning for the finance sector. The platform helps in transforming the traditional manual approach of financial planning into an effective, cost effective and efficient digital solution. The module is available in both the Software and hardware domain.

digital finance learning


Digital Finance Learning provides several platforms which include; Online Fundamentals, Online Data Analysis, Business Models, Financial Planning Processes, Financial Reporting Processes, Digital Credit Management and ERP Implementation and Analytics. All these modules are interactive and provide real time data visualization, which are directly linked to various finance applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Access. These modules are designed to meet the demands of financial institutions, which require efficient financial planning with real time data.


These modules enable to learn, train and evaluate the Finance Lean Six Sigma methodologies in a cost effective manner. It helps in automating processes and improves overall productivity and results. The modules are designed in such a way so that they can be easily adapted to the current and future needs of the financial institutions. It also helps in automating information systems and streamlining them to provide better returns for the customers. In this process, data integration is done and customized reports are provided to the customers to help them understand their investments in the best possible manner.


The modules cover various topics including the Lean Six Sigma methodology, business model development, software implementation, ERP architecture, project management, and accounting practices. These modules provide various techniques like data mining, decision support, and optimization techniques to improve decision making process. They also provide various case studies to make the whole process a lot simpler.


Digital Finance Learning also helps in creating a customized training curriculum to suit the specific needs of the clients, in order to create an appropriate environment in which to deliver quality services and products. It helps in providing the knowledge which helps in automating manual activities and creates a more effective and efficient environment. This module also helps in improving the client relations and providing greater customer satisfaction by providing training and tools to the clients in order to make better decision.


It has the capability of educating the global market in order to meet the current demands, which have increased exponentially over the years. It also helps to train clients from all around the world in order to provide them with complete knowledge of the subject matter so that they can provide quality solutions.

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