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Different Types of News

The term “news” is a generic term and has no particular definition. It can be described as a collection of things, some of them factual and some of them fictional, which are published for public consumption. News is also classified according to whether they are distributed electronically or by mail. News is published on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites, and the list continues with the internet.

News is distributed through the channels of the news agency; a specific category of news service known as a news agency, which collects, publishes, and disseminates news from anywhere in the world or a specific country. This news agency may be owned by private companies or a government agency. A newspaper is a type of news agency and it is published in the local or national newspapers.


Newspapers are a public service, but they are not free to use. They are funded by tax revenues and by donations from customers who support the content of the newspaper. A free daily newspaper is distributed by the Postmaster General, who is appointed by the president. In some areas of the US, the Postmaster General is appointed by Congress.


Newspapers are generally classified as either public or private. In case of private newspapers, they are owned by private entities and receive public funding from a local government agency. In such cases, newspapers are considered a form of public service because they provide news of importance to the people, such as the death of a child, breaking news about crime, etc.

Television is a major source of news. Television news is widely broadcasted across the world and it is reported in different forms. It is mostly presented in an educational manner to inform viewers of the latest developments happening in the society.

The internet is a popular source of news on the internet. The internet is mainly used by people to search for information and news. Some news websites provide a summary of the day’s news in various formats, such as news websites, blog websites, ezines, etc. Some websites also provide news and information for general public, so that they can use them. For example, a news website like BBC News has articles regarding news, current events, political events, business news, sports news, health news, education news, and many more.

Internet is a highly dynamic medium of information dissemination. A person can research a news topic by typing keywords that are commonly used by the readers. When someone is searching for information about a certain topic, he/she will be led to the website where he/she can find all sorts of data about the topic. If one type the keyword “trouble with the law” in Google, the first page of results will be a website dealing with legal issues.

All the different types of news have their own importance and they should be given importance in different social, cultural, economic, and political aspects. A person should not ignore the news.