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Learn How to Watch Movies on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

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Learn How to Watch Movies on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

You can watch movies on your iPhone or iPod touch just as you would watch movies on your PC or Mac. You can also watch movies on your TV, but this is not a common feature for today’s models. If you see movies online, you are using a new technology called streaming. Rather than download the movie to your computer; instead, small chunks of the movie are uploaded to your computer through your Internet connection. When you view a trailer for a movie in your Video app, the movie is streaming video. The video will continue to stream until you dismiss the screen.

Many video apps today allow you to preview your videos on the iPhone or iPod touch. This allows you to see how the movie looks in 3D or if the voiceovers sound like they came from the actor who voices the character. Most of the movies available for download today have both voiceover and picture options, which allow you to view both the acting and the pictures together. This feature is very popular with both moviegoers and movie makers because it gives a better feel for what the final product will look like in theaters.

Some people who have a lot of favorite movies and show favorites in their Video section have the option to download those videos into their iPhone or iPod touch. There are two different ways to do this. You can use iTunes to transfer the movie directly to your device, or you can use the iPhone Movie Transfer application. The first option does not require any special software, while the second is a bit more involved. You will need to have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It is best to use iTunes if you want to be sure that the movie you are downloading will be played in your device.